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In the wake of a new report on the loss of robots on the planet Mars

In the wake of a new report on the loss of robots on the planet Mars

Robots are dying in Mars.
quite a few of them strolled about
up there for some time
but they say that two
slowed down their transmissions, emitted
weaker and weaker signals, and nothing, in the end,
nothing more.
Their motionless bodies
no longer hear the stars.
could it be they learned another language,
found a new darkness
which leaves them astonished about everything? 
with glasses stare at
them on video screens,
observe them
seated on revolving chairs
inside glass buildings.
They have produced
happy, unforgettable names
and dispatched press communiqués,
Tv programs in front of kids
with gentle blood in their hearts
and large red Coke cans
in their hands.
But now they hardly think of them,
whisper about and confuse them.
They are the only things without life -
they will never return.
Vast solitary expanses
if you utter a cry, if you
I'm the one who hears it,

it's me
that it follows
it searches for my voice.
there is no identifiable debris,
says a bip intercepted from who knows what radar,
there isn't
only history, history
isn't all there is.